Space mission Gaganyaan will launch by 2022

Science & Technology

New Delhi: India’s first Indian human mission will be launched by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) by 2022. This was stated by the MoS PMO and atomic energy and and Space Dr Jitendra Singh The ISRO Chairman Dr. K. Sivan also said that India the fourth nation in the world to launch a Human Spaceflight Mission. So far, only the USA, Russia and China have launched human spaceflight missions. This mission will launch to go to Space from Indian soil by an Indian vehicle by 2022 on 75th year of Indian independence or sooner. This is the most ambitious space programme undertaken by ISRO till date and is essential as it will give a big boost to the Science and Technology development within the country. ISRO has developed some critical technologies like re-entry mission capability, crew escape system, crew module configuration, thermal protection system, deceleration and floatation system, sub-systems of life support system etc. required for this programme. Some of these technologies have been demonstrated successfully through the Space Capsule Recovery Experiment, Crew module Atmospheric Reentry Experiment and Pad Abort Test. These technologies will enable ISRO in accomplishing the programme objectives in a short span of 4 years. GSLV Mk-III launch vehicle, which has the necessary payload capability for this mission will be used to launch Gaganyaan. Two unmanned Gaganyaan missions will be undertaken prior to sending humans. The total programme is expected to be completed before 2022 with first unmanned flight within 30 months. The mission will aim to send a three-member crew to space for a period of five to seven days. The spacecraft will be placed in a low earth orbit of 300-400 km.  The total programme cost is expected to be less than Rs. 10,000 crores.